The Jacky Winter Gardens Artist-in-Residence Program
June, July, August 2018 Applications close May 18
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Hi There! We're so pleased that you are applying for our residency. To avoid disappointment, please ensure you have carefully read all the relevant information on our main residency page before applying. If you are re-submitting a previous application, you can simply note this, rather than filling out the entire form from scratch. Note that your personal details are only used to assess your application and will not be shared outside of the Jacky Winter Group assessment panel. If you have any questions regarding the residency or application, please email us at

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Please carefully consider the dates below and only select a date range that you are entirely confident in being able to commit to. If you are interested in a future date, please see the main residency information page for all relevant application opening dates.

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The Jacky Winter Gardens artist-in-residency program is aimed towards professional artists and creatives who are working on a project that has a commercial outcomes. Can you briefly explain what the commercial outcome of your project would be? *

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Thank you so much for your application! We will endeavour to respond to all applications to notify them of their status no later than May 27, but depending on the number of applications received, this may not always be possible, in which case only the successful applications will be contacted in return. Not being selected for a particular date does not exclude you from reapplying for a different residency period. Good luck!
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